First post

Everything started when I was a little boy.
I was always around looking for some little object, part of a mysterious lost treasure, in the light of a beach, with the sea speaking so many languages, or in the shadow of some marvelous antique Roman ruins, not far from home in Tuscany.
Everywhere I've been It has been always a great feeling to find little sign of the past, a deep pleasure to touch objects which have been alive already before us, in our ancestors' hands, in other times.
I like to think that my tale with jewelry comes from my original curiosity in finding traces. Jewelry is a magic world where every little thing has a story to tell, every stone is a colorful planet and every diamond is a star in the sky.
I've arrived here after landing in many places and sailed on many seas, I followed so many different directions and listened to so many different words. I always found too much Universe to express around me, so please I hope you will excuse my lack of English, cause everything survives on my eyes and in my mind before the words come out.