About us

We are a London-base company, dealing in antique and fine jewellery.

We are out there, to find the nicest and most interesting jewels around the UK and Italy, just to delivery you the best ones. Let us take you into a world of beauty and style.

We are now online to showcase our pieces, our taste, and to sell you the most amazing wonders around.


My name is Herbert Pulese Aulehla and I have been charmed by stones since I was a kid. Since my childhood I always used to take a stone every time I wanted to remember a place or a moment in time. Stones as symbols. The nicest stones, I used to gave to my mum. Nowadays my dream has become real, my job entails stones, gems, symbols and so on. 

Come and have a look for yourself at my shop in

Chelsea 151 Sydney Street sw3 6nt .

Come, look, feel the amazing stones, and allow your breath to be taken away by the wonder of our jewels. Take them with you, love them and attach new and old memories and magic moments to them.

For any information, contact me on prometeolondon2016@gmail.com or +44 (0)7521039775.

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